Zombie Horde Project Update #2

Some progress on the Zombie Horde Project. Went to Lowe’s with Trill and picked out some potential zombie skin colors. I’ll most likely wind up with a couple of colors so I can create undertones.

Which one screams rotting zombie flesh?

I bought some bandage scissors today to cut the plaster in half and pull it off of the duct tape form. Worked like a charm! I also used a utility knife, that was a bit easier to control. I noticed a couple of areas on the plaster that were weak, so that difference between 3 and 4 layers was fairly critical. I’ll be buying a different brand (one that sells in bulk), so I’ll need to experiment with # of layers before I get too ahead of myself with an assembly line.

Hooray! That worked!

I mixed up some natural fiber insulation with wallpaper paste until I could squash it into a clay-like ball. I wore a safety mask respirator because the insulation was very dusty. I would have taken a photo of the clay, but my hands were caked with the stuff and I didn’t want to touch my phone.

I placed the paper towel inside the mold and dropped large chunks of the clay in and pressed it up against the sides. I added some extra clay to the top to create a flat edge to glue the two halves back together.

Papier Mache filled mold

Now, I wait for a day or two until the clay dries. Then, I’ll sand it, glue the pieces together and add some mache to the seams.

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