Where did this weekend go?

Saturday, my schedule started off fairly full. Scott and I wanted to get some reorganizing done in the home theater, and we needed to get the patio straightened up since Robert Berry and his wife were coming over in the evening to hang out.

After a series of mishaps with the truck in my attempts to get it ready to list it for sale over the last 3 weekends, I was determined to finally put the listing in Saturday (it was really Friday, but that’s another story). I put the listing up at 11am. I get a call at 1pm from someone who wants to come and look at it at 4pm. COOL.

The only thing I hadn’t completed in prepping the vehicle for sale is getting it smogged. I decided I’d go ahead and take care of it before the 4pm people arrived.

Just like everything else that has been happening with the truck as I’ve been getting it ready for sale, it wasn’t a disaster or horribly expensive, but something annoying went wrong.

The smog guy (Mak) asks me if I put in a new battery. I said yes, it’s brand new, it was put in yesterday. He said that was a problem. See, when you go smog your car in CA, they don’t just check what coming out the ass-end, they also want to know what the computer has been recording. If your battery dies or you get a new one, the data needed for the test is all gone.

I was told I needed to drive about 20-30 miles on a freeway (nearest freeway entrance was over 5 miles away) in order to possibly record enough data to satisfy the smog test. But, it might take more than that.

Off I went to drive it down to West Sacramento and back (meaning, I’ve left Scott with all that aforementioned work we had planned on doing together). I stopped on the way to wash and vacuum it with one of those huge canister vacuums. Those rock.

I drove it back to Mak. It completed and passed the majority of the tests, but it was ONE TEST SHORT. Seriously. It didn’t fail, it just shows up as “not completed”. ARGH.

It was 3 by this point, and during the smog test, I noticed that the inner door plates were horribly disgusting and I somehow missed that when I cleaned it 3 weeks ago. I gave up and went home to clean the doors. I finished cleaning the truck a little after 4, and the people showed up at 4:15, drove it, said they liked it, but wanted to look at a couple of others.

We did have a nice evening with the Berrys with fire, chocolate, wine and strawberries.

Sunday, I ran in a memorial run for the Sacramento Sherrif’s department, so I decided to take the truck to put some more time on it. I ran my 5k, ate free fruit, drank a bunch of water, said screw it to waiting for the shuttle and walked the mile-plus to the truck.

I took the freeway up to El Dorado hills, pulled over to check in via Facebook at Clarksville Cemetery as a joke (I was really right next to it, though), and drove back home. So, I put an extra 50 miles on the truck just to pass a stupid smog test. How lame is that? I took it back in Monday morning, and it finally passed. Hooray!

I found out late Sunday evening that my  5k time was much better than I thought. I did the 5k in 36:19.7, which means I did an 11:41 pace per mile! My best yet! And I really hadn’t been training because my allergies have been so annoying.

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