Water Feature – Tikified

For Wire’s birthday, our friend Reen found some amazing tikis for our yard decor. She is the master of finding the perfect gift.

Last night we lit up one of the candle holder tikis and turned on the fogger to enjoy the full effect. The solar lamp in the back is lighting up the two wicked-cute tiki pots from Reen as well. She even filled them with boxwood plants and I’ve managed to not kill them yet, despite being locked in a car trunk for 5 hours on a 95° day. Not pictured is the other tiki candle holder and the tiki tiki torch (a tiki torch that looks like a tiki). The area is really coming together with the contributions of family and friends.

Shot with Vince’s 12-24mm on my D70.

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  1. Aw shucks. Finding presents for you guys is easy because you’re just so awesome.

    These pictures turned out really cool. I LOVE that fogger. It looks fantastic in the pictures. I need to come visit and see it in person.

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