Vinyl Hunting

Armed with my bottle of Purell, an empty stomach and two sleepy people who did not want to get up early, I set off to pick up our friend Wednesday for a day of food and shopping at local thrift and antique stores.

Our first stop was The Original Pancake House in Roseville. Wednesday and Trill split one of the giant apple pancake specialties, I ordered a boring breakfast special, and Wire ordered some Swedish pancakes.

We headed over to Citrus Heights to ferret out a vague reference to a thrift store with lots of vinyl on the corner of Greenback and Auburn. The Thrift Store (they hired a crack marketing team to help come up with that name), was a total fail in vinyl. Wednesday purchased her find, then we headed back outside. After checking the map app on my iPhone, we decided to try an antique mall a couple doors down on Auburn Blvd. A bulk of the photos are from this place. There were quite a few vendors selling vinyl here and lots of oddities to take silly photos of. Wire found a few records and Wednesday found a couple postcards then we were off again.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, I spied a hot pink Estate Sale sign. We followed the obnoxiously neon signs to a little neighborhood off of Diablo. There were quite a few people there and it was dusty and dirty and the people running it decided to heat up some chicken chili. The smell combination was revolting.

We found a few things to take photos of there. Wire found some more vinyl and Wednesday scored on two large binders of postcards and a bottle of bleach. I found a funky book on how to wear McCall’s Jumpsuits. The cover art was precious enough (so much plaid), but the text of how to be uptown with your jumpsuit was amusing. Wednesday bought that as well. We left “The Strange Woman” for someone else to find, though.

After some better research we had an address for a $1 vinyl store in Old Folsom, so we headed out there. What did we do before we had internet access all the time? Geesh.

The vinyl store was awesome. It’s located at 813 Sutter Street in Folsom if you have a lot of time to browse through their completely uncategorized boxes of vinyl. They had some fun tunes playing on these really old speakers that could carry some bass. Made for the perfect music-hunting atmosphere. I also found some Coop and Shag stickers and patches. A ton of them.

Wire found 10 albums there, so that was quite a score!

We stood around and tried to figure out where to eat when Wednesday pointed out that we both had iPhones and could probably use them to look up reviews to see what was good. Duh. Clearly, we needed food as the stupid was setting in. We agreed that mexican food sounded best, so we went with Q’Bole which is located where the Chevy’s used to be.

The service at Q’Bole was fantastic and the food was really good. They served the salad with pickled onions and crumbled cheese. All the produce was very fresh and it sounds like they really pride themselves on cooking everything fresh. The menu was extensive and included fun things like grilled plantain bananas (which Wire ordered). It was served with a rose-cut radish and limes. Very fun. And they had Sierra Nevada on tap, so Wire enjoyed that with his meal.

We started back in the direction of Wednesday’s house and Wednesday remembered a thrift store called Teen Challenge that she’s never checked out. We stopped of there and I don’t think Wire has recovered yet. It was icky and smelly and dirty. That’s were I took the gross red-stained chair photo. Ew.

We couldn’t end the day on that note, so we made our last stop Dimple’s new vinyl annex. It was well organized and fairly priced according to condition. And it was air conditioned, which is more than I can say for a lot of the places we stopped that day. Wire found a few more records and we dropped Wednesday off at her house and came back home to put our feet up at the neighbor’s house with a nice evening outdoor fire.

A very fun day indeed.

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  1. I am God’s Ideal Woman! Wheeee!! That was a great day, and I hope we can do it again sometime (after Wire is fully recovered).

  2. Wow. Some of those head shots lead me to believe thrift shops are what nightmares are made of. Sounds like a lot of fun though.

    Also, chicken chili? :X

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