Sketching away

I’ve been working on illustrations about 4 days a week, but I haven’t been posting them since they are all copies of other artists works. I’m learning pen and ink techniques and one of the more interesting ways is to copy someone’s work that I like. Lots of Edward Gorey and Robert Crumb and I just found another artist, John Kenn Mortenson.

I ordered new pens that should be here on Monday. I decided to go back to using technical pens. I’ve been using the Micron Pigmas and they are nice, but not exactly the line control I’m looking for. I’ve also tried dip pens, but the cheapy one that I bought drove me crazy. I wasn’t willing to invest in a quailty dip pen after finding I didn’t care for having to stop so frequently to reink. I also didn’t like the way the pen scratched on the paper – even Bristol. It was unpleasant.

I drove to several art stores, hoping to try out a technical pen, but they are only sold locally in big, sealed sets behind the counter. Boo. So, I read many many online reviews, and researched what some of my favorite artists used and settled on Rotring Rapidographs. I can’t wait to try them out!

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