Sketches from the first week of April

ren model crocker 3-29-13

This past week was filled with many art things. It started last Friday with a trip to the Crocker Art Musuem with Trill. When we checked in, we found out there was a live model sketching event, which is what the above sketch is from. We had 15 minutes in each pose. It really does stretch the skills to not only draw live, but to draw with a true time limit. The time limit really forces you to look at the overall shape, then to the most distictive shadows and highlights to create the details in the drawing.

I am taking an online art class called Just Draw It by Koosje Koene. I wasn’t happy with the result of my assignment last week, so I redid it over the weekend. I really like the depth that the complimentary colors added. I plan on doing at least one more version of this assignment because there was a lot to absorb in this particular assignment. Here is my drawing from this assignment:



We started working on figures this week, and I really enjoyed the way she broke down the lesson. It made a lot of sense and was easier to apply than previous lessons I have tried to learn from art books. The final portion of the assignment was to draw a pose from imagination, and I think mine turned out pretty well. Her arms are a bit long, but I think I’m on the right track. I’m so glad the next lesson is heads because mine looks squished.

JDI lesson 4 figure


On Saturday, we went to the Old City Historic Cemetery for a tour with our friends Wednesday and Christy. The weather was perfect. The foliage looked amazing. I think my next live sketching will be at the cemetery. There is so much there to draw!

I forgot these last two sketchbook sketches! The first is a sketch I made while waiting for Trill at the orthodontist (this is actually from 3/27). The second is while I was waiting for Scott to grill his pizza.

3-37-13_ortho bldg sketch sunrise blvd

4-6-13_patio things sketch

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