Public Restroom Sketch


Well, I’m not sure this totally counts as public. It is the girls restroom at El Camino High School before the remodel. My friend, Wednesday, takes photos of public restrooms almost everywhere her travels take her. I like her attention to what most everyone else would consider mundane or unworthy of a moment’s notice. She collects ephemera from bygone eras, and while you can’t collect public restrooms or empty parking lots, you can certainly photograph them, preserving their moments in time.

I decided to paint a series of her photos. I am still considering my medium. My first thought was acrylic on a miniature canvas and creating a diorama scene in 1:12 scale with the series on display. I need to find good frames first. In the meantime, I sketched out one of the paintings in my watercolor sketchbook, and I really love how the watercolor worked for the tile. I might wind up mixing gouche with acrylic for the final pieces. The white gel pens I ordered last week were perfect for the grout. I was inspired to get the white pens when I watched the Gun Machine trailer drawn by Ben Templesmith.

I have used that white gel pen in almost every drawing I’ve made since it arrived. I didn’t even know I needed it!

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