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I was recently contacted by an author working on a book about Preston Castle in Ione, CA about using some of my Preston Castle photos I took on our July trip there. Our friend Wednesday, who was also on the trip referred him to me after he found her photos on flickr. I was beyond flattered on both accounts. I sent him the majority of the images from that day to select from, and he chose 7 images. He said he is going to recommend one of them for the cover to the publisher! I imagine it will be a couple of months before I hear if one of my photos will be on the cover, but how exciting is that?! Either way, it will be fun to have my photos in a book.

When I have more info of when it will be released, I’ll post the name of the book and the author.

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  1. I am just curious about who is writing this book about Preston? I am actually working on a book about Preston myself. Its been in the works for a couple of years now and I have also written a lot of info on my blog about Preston’s history too.

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