Attack of the Iguana Man party ~ October 2010

The pirate tiki party we threw for our friend’s 50th birthday was a big hit. It was so nice to see everyone all decked out in their piratey best and enjoying each other’s company.

Our friend’s birthday is on Halloween and he loves iguanas and movies, so it seemed natural to design a custom logo with a horror movie theme for the invite. Our friend also loves bourbon, so transferring the logo to custom printed coasters, which also doubled as party favors along with custom etched old fashioned glasses made for an awesome gift set that every could enjoy.

Here is an 8x12 of the invite, the custom coasters we had printed and custom glasses for our friend's present.
An extra poster we printed for everyone to sign as a big card for our friend.
Close up of the glasses. This was our friend's 50th, so we wanted to make it memorable.
Wire's awesome prop gun for his costume and lots of rum on the pirate bar Wire built.
Our friend loves Mopar cars and movies and even set up a drive-in in his neighborhood. The candles were sunk into the cake to look like the speaker posts.

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  1. Very, very cool! I love the “It Came from Jersey…”, party favors, and the cake decorations. Brilliant – what a lucky guy!

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