Patterns in Print

It became obvious to me today that I have a true love for patterns in print. I become giddy when I explore a house full of bold vintage wallpaper. I love to walk through fabric stores and just look and touch. I reveled in my estate sale find of some retro wrapping paper from this weekend.

The Wallpaper Experience

It is so rare to find a home filled with room after room of bold wall coverings. Imagine my surprise on Sunday while estate sailing (a friend’s term that I love) to walk into a living room covered in thick wood planks. It was even on the ceiling, creating a warm effect.


Above photos courtesy of the real estate agent.


Flocked bordello wallpaper – very tactile.

This went with red carpet and wood on the opposing wall and ceiling.

This was the most muted of the wallpapers in the house.

The combo here shouldn’t work, but somehow it does.

The walls were stark, glossy white painted cinder block with this cheery paper on the ceiling.

Neat tile work on a split door into the kitchen.

The woman who owned and decorated the place clearly had a confident sense of style. Her clothes were all expensive and well kept. My second favorite part of the estate sale, were the “what to wear” tags on the signature pieces in her wardrobe. She had written down, in pencil, on a manila card with a single hole punch to slide over the hanger, the items to complete the outfit — shoes, blouse, jewelry, accessories, pants, etc.

The rainy day plan B of going to a couple of estate sales really had an impact on me. Funny how those little diversions can being forth new ideas and interests.

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