Patterns in Print – Wrapping Paper

As I mentioned in the previous post, my love for printed patterns has made itself quite clear to me. My first no-purpose print pattern purchase were a few rolls of some retro wrapping paper.While I would certainly categorize my taste in the retro with the occasional hint of vintage, my wry sense of humor wins out over any era. That said, perhaps this creepy doll paper will explain its appeal to me even though I have little interest in dolls.

Creepy Doll paper
Dorothy. Why does this one have a name? Is she a branded doll?
Kewpie Doll
And here is this lonely little boy doll, surrounded by black.
Cool flower pattern. Like the colors on this one.
I really liked the colors and pattern on this one.

So much fun! Will I actually be able to let go of them and use them? I hope so!

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