Long Lost Tenenbaum cousins


I was chatting with my friend Amanda the other day and somewhere in our conversation, we decided we were probably Tenenbaums, from the Wes Anderson movie, The Royal Tenenbaums. I found a screenshot of two characters (Richie and Margot) sitting on the couch, looking morose and drew Amanda and I on the couch instead. This sketch was on my project to-do list and got bumped up to number one when Amanda posted that her house burned down on Saturday night. Given that she lost everything – even their cars melted, I doubt she has been able to see this yet. It is sitting in her inbox to hopefully cheer her up for a moment.

Amanda collects vintage everything. Furniture, clothing, and decor. She had a Victorian hair mourning portrait and a necklace with a piece of coal from the Titanic and many other interesting things. I’m sure there are more treasures that she can rescue from decay, and obviously getting out alive with her husband and two dogs is the most important of all. I can’t imagine the pain and shock of suddenly losing everything you own and treasure, not to mention the scare of having your life threatened by fire in the middle of the night. I hope she is coping okay.

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