Lake Natoma Paddle

Wirehed and I dusted off the kayaks and headed out to Lake Natoma for a paddle. The weather was absolutely perfect. Very little wind and a great temperature. Our plan today was to explore the channels off to the side of the lake, near the dam.

map of paddle
Map of today's paddle

After almost paddling into the middle of an outrigger canoe race, we worked our way over the channels. We were warned by a fellow paddler that the water levels were low, so we’d have to walk across to get to the tunnel, which connects to the channels.

Walking the boats across the shallow area.

Once we passed through the tunnel, the sounds of the cheering race crowd began to fade. Soon, it felt like a different world where all I could hear were birds, a scary amount of bees and the splash of our paddles hitting the water.

So beautiful and serene.

Our first wildlife viewing in the channels were a couple of turtles that quickly slid into the water.

Big turtle right before he slid off into the water.

We saw many Canadian geese.

We have you surrounded.
Food? The white on the left is my paddle.

These two kept me company for quite a while. I think they were REALLY sure I had crackers on me.

My escorts.
I'm too sexy for this rock.

Then, Wirehed spotted a Heron. So very exciting.

Ninja Heron waits for us to pass by.
Ninja Heron hides in the grass.

There were so many great views. A wide angle would have been put to good use today.

Such a gorgeous day.
That's going to make an odd tan line.

Can’t wait to go again. Next trip is hopefully Cosumnes River Wildlife Preserve.

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