How and Why I use Flickr

There are a few different reasons that I use Flickr. The main one is to have an easily-accessible from anywhere collection of my favorite photos. Obviously, I can use the blog as well, but I’ve had my Flickr account longer, and find the blog and Flickr integrate well together. Especially with the Flickr Photo Widget, which comes with WordPress 2.5 and above.

The second reason is as a resource. I search Flickr for photos of places I think I might like to visit. I search Flickr to see what other people are doing with their iPhone cameras, both with photo taking and what apps they are using. I check to see the amazing photos that can be taken with a Nikon D70. I look for innovative ways to use my favorite lens, the 50mm 1.8/f .

As a return to the community, I tag my photos with all the equipment I used, location (if applicable), applications or post-processing I may have applied, and anything else I think might be useful to aid in a search.

I also join Flickr photo groups. I’ll admit that a lot of that is to get more people to see my photos. But, I’ve found some interesting people that have the same equipment that I do, and I find seeing their uploads inspires me to get out and take some more photos. I’ve also found that the groups lead me to new photo locations, ones I didn’t know to search for.

Another benefit of the Flickr photo groups is pulling a photo out of my collection and seeing it amongst many other photos. Sometimes I am still proud of the photo, sometimes I have a more realist view on how good it is (or isn’t!).

Sometimes, I am pleasantly surprised by what people do find interesting and mark as favorites, and try to learn from that as well.

To make my life easier, I have the Flickr Uploadr app on my Mac desktop, and the Flickr Sendr app on my iPhone. I’m not crazy about the Flickr Sendr app, it crops the photos I’ve taken with the Camerabag app, which wrecks the effect.

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