Horror town progress

I have decided to move forward with my much talked about horror town, formerly known as Zombie town. Zombie town was a 1:43 scale assortment of Lemax and Dept. 56 halloween buildings with lights and sound effects. Pretty cheesy. I had a ton of fun putting together the scenery for the buildings, including burning and smashing up a couple of cars so they appeared to have been overtaken by zombies, along with a zombie horde in the street. I made a couple of trees and a lot of shrubbery.

I am going much bigger this time. And, technically smaller. This will be a 1:87 (HO) scale model that will be a series of tributes to horror movies from slight nods to as-close-as-possible duplication of a scene. It will be on a 4′ x 8′ table that Scott built just for this. The base will be styrofoam, and when I decide to do wiring, I will just dig out little grooves for the wires to hide in.

So far, I have the table, the foam and I’m about 90% done with the first practice house. Click here to see more about the house: http://www.lorbot.com/index.php/portfolio/first-ho-house/

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