Hooray for plastic artichokes

I found my artichokes today! Fake artichokes for a papier mache project I’ve been mulling over for the last couple of years.

I don’t remember exactly how the idea came about, but I decided while rewatching “This side of paradise” episode of Star Trek TOS, that I needed to make the spore plants that spewed confetti all over the away crew and made them act nutty.

After a close up inspection of the spore flowers, which looked suspiciously like spray painted artichokes (I do love props), I thought I could accomplish replica spores with some papier mache.

After some thought on how to achieve realistic artichokes involving molds and such, I decided that the cheapest route would be to find fake ones. I thought that buying them online wouldn’t be a problem, but unless I wanted 100 of them, I was looking at $20 per artichoke. No thanks. So, I had to look locally. This took longer than expected. It will almost be strange now to not look for artichokes in every home goods-like store I encounter.

This isn’t at the very top of my projects at the moment, but it is certainly in the queue.


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