Hobo Eclair Follow Up

We made our second round of hobo eclairs last night and made a couple of improvements. First, we bought the Big and Flaky Crescent rolls (Safeway store brand) and we only used one roll per stick, and they came out perfectly. We started off with two rolls per stick, but they were too thick, which resulted in sagging and unrolling from the stick. While this was funny, it did not produce any eclairs.

The second improvement was buying the right whipping cream. The first can turned out to be a light whip cream, which was not the right texture at all for an eclair. This time we used Reddi Whip’s Extra Creamy whipped cream in a can (the can helps for squirting it into the hole). Another improvement would be to have your own Whipped Cream Dispenser (perhaps Ted could recommend a brand?) and fresh cream.

We made it a themed night for Karen’s birthday by watching Hobo with a Shotgun. It was a blast (ha!).


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