Folsom Adventure day 7-10-13

Not wanting to ignore local history, our troupe of historic adventurers set off for Folsom’s Powerhouse built in 1895. We spent some time in the museum, taking advantage of the nicely designed interactive displays, pulling levers and playing with magnets. It was very educational! After a nice primer from the displays and the informative ranger welcoming people to the site, we headed down the hill for the tour.


Stopping for some photos.

Side of the powerhouse.


We wound up with a fantastic tour guide. He was very enthusiastic about the powerhouse and electricity in general. There were more interactive learning tools in the powerhouse that our guide wanted everyone to try out.


Large, beat up turbines. These were about 3′ tall.

Our tour guide gave us a quick bonus tour in the lower powerhouse. There were flood line marks from the various floods through the 1900’s.

After lunch at Garcia’s, we came back to the compound to play Settlers of Catan Star Trek. It was a great low-key adventure day full of learning. I’m looking forward to taking Trill there.


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