Cooking School

The plan this summer is to teach Trill how to cook. I did some research and decided to borrow Cooking with Children: 15 Lessons for Children, Age 7 and Up, Who Really Want to Learn to Cook, by Marion Cunningham from the library to make sure it wasn’t another typical children’s cook book, which usually involves packaged foods and no actual cooking. This book is fantastic. It goes over the entire process of cooking, including cleaning as you go, having all of your utensils ready, exactly how to butter a pan, etc.

Trill was so excited about it, she asked me if she could make her own breakfast this morning. She made her first egg sandwich this morning: an egg over-easy, cheese, ham and a bun. She did everything herself. She said it turned out great.

We are both looking forward to checking out the rest of the recipes. According to the amazon reviews, the pancake and biscuit recipes are quite good.


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