Concrete Thinking: Modern Architecture Bike Tour

To break my 3 month streak of winter laziness, I signed up to go on a bike tour downtown featuring concrete architecture. I happened to be reading a book on concrete, and I love mid century architecture, so it seemed like I should just get off my tush and go.

The tour was put on by SacMod and the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA). 50 people RSVP’d, but I’m pretty sure the attendance was closer to 60 (turns out it was over 70!).

It was great weather for a bike ride – it started at about 60° and was 75° when the tour ended at lunch time.

The tour itself was mellow with 5 stops, 6 if you count the beer stop at the end that I skipped (too hungry, I needed lunch!). The guides did a great job keeping such a large group together. It helped that traffic downtown is pretty light on a Sunday morning, so we just took up an entire lane as we toured.

It was really neat to see downtown from a bike. I was able to stop and admire buildings that I’ve briefly noticed while whizzing by in the car. I’d love to do more tours on bike to learn and see even more.

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