Bike Ride on 7-5-13 — 27 miles

Had a fantastic 27 mile ride to one of my goal destinations this summer – Beals Point. My usual rides are on pretty flat terrain, and the last few miles up to Beals Point is almost a 500 ft elevation gain. Nothing to a seasoned cyclist, but it’s a lot to someone who could barely ride 10 miles 4 weeks ago. This ride was my longest bike ride ever, as well. It just gets easier each week.

At a rest stop at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, some naughty herons ripped through the nets for a buffet of trout and salmon. The two on the right did not care for the guy on the left. They kept chasing him off.


Beals Point! Where’s the lake? Folsom lake is pathetically low. Great if you like lots of beach. There were a couple of dogs that were running like crazy pooches. Happy happy dogs.


Another viewpoint at Beals Point.



Cool view of the damn from under an overpass.



The trip took me past the American River, completely around Lake Natoma and to Folsom Lake. Lots of great views.


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  1. Wonderful pictures. Brings back memories of rowing and biking back in the day. I’m remembering that last looooonnnnnggg climb to Beals. Price of admission! WORTH IT! And you’ll get a great coast back, if you’re not headed for Sierra College.

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