6-27-13 Bike Ride

Had a fantastic 23 mile ride today with my friend Doug. We rode from Sunrise to Howe Ave. with no plans, just ride until I felt like I was at my halfway point. I can't believe how much easier this ride was than last week's 22 miler. At the end of today's ride, I felt like I could have done at least another 5 miles.

On our return trip, we stopped at William B Pond park for a break and I saw a baby heron! What a treat! I'm pretty sure that's a heron pictured above, anyway. The thing in his mouth is a stick. He kept dropping it, and as it started to sink, he'd pick it back up again. He really wanted it to be a worm or a minnow. He was very disappointed. He was so darn cute. We also saw turtles, ducks and geese and heard two bull frogs that sounded huge.

As we were leaving the dock and getting ready to get back on the trail, I heard a loud QUACK! from behind me. I didn't think much of it, until I noticed the quacking getting closer and closer. I turned around to see a female duck walking toward us. She checked our bikes out and left disappointed that we didn't have anything yummy to offer her. She was very friendly, though. Next time, we said we'd bring nutritious duck treats for her. She started quacking at us again as we were leaving.



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  1. Your baby heron is an adult green heron. Excellent picture! These birds are usually very wary. I’ve never gotten closer that 100 feet to one. This one must be habituated to bike trail traffic.

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