6-20-13 Bike Ride

Images from today's cycling adventure. Top left: a sneaky squirrel that really wanted to check out my breakfast. Middle left: View from my breakfast break. Bottom right: my bike on the left, Doug's on the right at the William B. Pond bridge.

I rode 21.5 miles on the trail, half of it with my riding buddy, Doug. My last ride a couple of days ago was 13 miles, which was my longest ride of the season so far. Jumping up to 21 miles maybe wasn't the smartest move on the planet, but I sure had a good time. The last 3 miles were a killer, though. My legs really wanted to stop. And my sit bones (still not fully conditioned yet) were screaming. I took a lot of breaks on the ride back, stretching and moving around.

I took some advice from the wise women on the cycling forum I belong to – use your core! Almost every one of my rides resulted in numb fingers. I engaged my core, and ta-da, the pressure came right off my hands. I didn't get numb once on my ride today. Guess I'll need to work core-strengthing exercises into my weekly routine.


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